Fighting for your family

Fighting for your family

Friday 24th March 2023

The start of the footy season saw many people “come alive” again the past weekend! The banter, barracking and belief at the beginning of the season is something I have grown to love as the cooler weather sets in here in Melbourne. Phlegmatics turn into Cholerics and Melancholics turn into Sanguines for a few hours anytime between Thursday evening and Sunday afternoon. Each team has its zealots who will go “over the top” in their support for their team. It gives them a cause…a reason for engagement…a hopeful outcome to look forward to!

A life without purpose is not worth living >>>

Myles Munroe >>>

It is not just individuals who need it…families need it too! It needs something to hope in, something to hold onto, a hope to fight for. In a world where your family is under constant attack and continuous pressure…your family needs you to fight for it. The question beckons: What would be a worthy cause for our family…a cause that will transcend the latest political wave, social fad, or popular trend? We find the answer to this in several scriptures in the Bible:

'But if serving the Lord seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord .” '

Joshua 24:15 NIV

'Has not the one God made you? You belong to him in body and spirit. And what does the one God seek? Godly offspring

Malachi 2:15 NIV

‘Love…It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. '

1 Corinthians 13:7 NIV

This coming Sunday we will look at how we can fight for our families. Do not miss this great opportunity to invite the families you are connected to join us in another inspiring Worship Service.

Single Parent Support | Sign Up

Parenting on your own can make you feel proud, but it can be hard at the same time. Thinking about your own needs takes a step back when you're focused on your family. You don't have to do it alone. There is support available if you need it. Firstly, you can listen to last week's fantastic message on 'Successful Single Parenting'. Glennie shared from her lived experience as a single parent, how she raised her children with Godly principles.


Playgroup | Update

The school term – and therefore Playgroup – is rocketing towards Easter and the school holidays. Please pray for our families, that their hearts will be open to the message of Easter as we share it. And please ask God if he would like you to connect with the Playgroup community in some way.  There is a need for extra Christian helpers and families in some of the groups and also for people to come alongside families with parenting courses etc in the future.  Talking to God and then talking to Sue about your involvement would be great!  0403 822 324 or [email protected] if you can’t find me at church!


Fuse Youth | Friday 24th March

This week we are finishing our series “where’s your heart?”. We will hear from our very own Arielle Barron as she shares on ‘a servant heart’ and then we will join together in small groups! Of course, pizza is also provided!


Sunday Service  | Fighting For Your Family

This Sunday our worship team will take us all to heavenly places. We will bring you a fantastic message which you can implement into your own life. Why not come early and enjoy a coffee at our cafe. We look forward to seeing you!

We look forward to seeing you! If you can't make it, you can catch up on our YouTube channel.


Kids Church  | Sunday 26th March

This week at Kids Church…
2 to 4-year-olds | Jesus loves everyone | The Gospels
5 to 12-year-olds | The Story of the Lost Son | Luke 15:11-32

Register your child/ren below before attending if you are new


Partners Gathering | Sunday 26th March

This is a partners only gathering where we will galvanise our unity before Christ as head of our movement, communicate important information on the state of the movement, share with our partners information about future developments, celebrate key breakthroughs in our movement, build a stronger sense of community and relationship as partners and create an opportunity to foster healthy communication.


Men's Prayer Group | Sunday 26th March

The Men’s Prayer Group is a group of men who meet to pray together. The group meets at the church every Sunday evening. Where individuals spend time in prayer, worship, and fellowship together as men who walk together to seek the face of God. Starts 5.45pm.

Boys Brigade | Monday 27th March

Be part of the action Monday night. For over 20 years the Boys Brigade has advanced Christ’s Kingdom among boys.

ANCHORS | Grades 1 & 2: 6pm – 7.15pm
JUNIORS | Grades 3 – 6: 7pm – 8.30pm
SENIORS | Grades 7 to 18 years old: 7pm – 9.30pm


Child Dedication | Sunday 2nd April

Child dedication is the acknowledgment that not only are children a gift from God, but they are His children. You place your child into God’s hands and trust that He will guide you in parenting. Essentially, dedicating your child to God is to declare that you will train your child in the ways of the Lord.

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Exploring Partnership | Sunday 2nd April

You may have been attending our events or even become part of a close-knit group of people in our community. We would love for you to consider taking up a partnership with us in fulfilling God’s call on our movement. Exploring Partnership is an important step in discovering how you can fit into Berwick Church of Christ. It is an orientation towards what makes us unique and how we function as a community. You will get to know the leadership and we will talk about how you can partner with us to make our vision a reality.

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Men's Event | Sunday 2nd April

Christopher was having the time of his life, enjoying every moment of the tandem skydive. Suddenly noticing he passed his daughter at high speed and realised it was because her parachute opened and his didn't! Christopher and his instructor Arron came crashing to the ground, spiralling in an anti-clockwise direction and landing feet first. You are invited to hear Christopher talk about his miraculous survival, paying tribute to Arron who in the final seconds before hitting the ground, cradled a total stranger to protect his passenger.

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Mental Health Support Gathering | Tuesday 4th April

These Gatherings are facilitated by Christians who wish to walk alongside people in their journey, loving and caring for them by providing a safe place to be heard and share life’s challenges together, offering friendship and hope. In addition, the Gatherings will provide tools to assist people in dealing with life, with specialist speakers addressing relevant topics.

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Easter | Services

Join us for our Good Friday service at 9am, Friday 7th April. Join us Easter Sunday at 10am, Sunday 9th April and celebrate ‘He Is Risin’. There will be no Kids Church programs, but colouring in will be provided. 


Seniors Ministry | Wednesday 12th April

Based on a true story, Lifemark  celebrates adoption, reconciliation and love. Lollies & popcorn provided. Cost $2. The Friendship Group meet in the Connect Lounge at 1.30pm to 4.00pm Please bring a plate for everyone to share.


Baptism Class | Tuesday 18th April

Baptism is a step of obedience in a person’s life. Perhaps you are interested in getting baptised or would like to know more about what baptism is all about. If that is you, then we encourage you to sign up as soon as possible. Complete the expression of interest form if you would like to be contacted about being Baptised.


Thank you for being His Presence in Every Place! 


Senior Pastor