The time has come to collaborate about the future!

The time has come to collaborate about the future!

As we have engaged with our mission in many new ways over the past season, we are so thankful for the many breakthroughs we have seen in spite of “normal” gatherings not being permissible. This is not at all a complete list, but share with me in the joy of celebrating the following victories:

  • Online kids’ ministry
  • ​Parenting blog
  • Weekly social media posts
  • Holiday program for kids online
  • Parenting course in collaboration with Living Springs and Playgroup

  • Online Youth Ministry
  • Zoom rooms for different age groups
  • Weekly social media posts
  • ​Several engagements with Secondary Schools and their staff

  • Online Y&Y services continued throughout this season
  • Life Groups continued in several ways

  • We moved our services online
  • Weekly personal testimonies
  • Weekly enrichment teachings online
  • Life Groups went online
  • Telephone care calls to partners
  • Worship music recorded for services as well as social media
  • The Food Pantry stayed active as much as possible
  • We took hands with the Police and the rest of the City Church to reach out to those in need

  • Several mechanisms were introduced to help secure access to counselling for people who would find it helpful. Please contact us if you need counselling support!

I would like to celebrate and thank each individual involved from the depth of my heart. As we had to move our methods to a highly ‘skill specific’ and ‘technology oriented’ strategy, which took so much effort by those presenting those skills. There were several staff and volunteers who had some very late nights (and some all-nighters) to facilitate ministry to our community. I saw how our people rose to the occasion and I am humbled by their focus on our vision to “Be His Presence in Every Place”!

As we developed new methods in ministry and the possibility for onsite gatherings opened up, we can now start to dream about what our new way of being church will look like. I would like to invite you to be part of the conversation! This dialogue will take place in several ways:

  • A church wide survey that will help us as leadership understand your needs and maybe even concerns as onsite meetings are permitted. This survey would follow this letter within the next 48 hours.
  • A qualitative survey with volunteers. A group of volunteers will help us with an objective qualitative survey to determine which qualities in our ministry has been affected in which way through the pandemic and its restrictions. From this we will prioritize our focus and energy.
  • Onsite Consultation Meetings that will include the leaders and volunteers (who will be invited to ensure a healthy representation) of the ministries that directly relate to Onsite and Online Services in order to design together what our services will look like. These will run for three weeks (29 Nov, 6 Dec, 13 Dec). It will also be kept at the number of 80 attendees per event as the restrictions dictate (allowing for a discrepancy of 20 people). Due to the nature of these meetings there will not be Kids Ministry available at these meetings, so please make the necessary arrangements.
  • Ministry Specific Consultations as each ministry will be given opportunity to discuss its challenges and opportunities as restrictions are lifted.

Let’s be reminded that as we “visioneer” the next season together our collective resolve to bring His Presence in Every Place will greatly benefit from your participation:

'And then God answered: “Write this. Write what you see. Write it out in big block letters so that it can be read on the run. This vision-message is a witness pointing to what’s coming. It aches for the coming—it can hardly wait! And it doesn’t lie. If it seems slow in coming, wait. It’s on its way. It will come right on time.'
Habakkuk 2:2-3 MSG

Let’s create collective clarity of where God is leading us in the fulfillment of our vision!

Victoria is in the Third Step of Covid-19 restrictions

  • Outdoor religious gatherings near a place of worship for up to 10 people plus a faith leader are allowed. Two groups are allowed simultaneously onsite.
  • As from 22 November groups of 20 may congregate simultaneously onsite up to a total of 100 people in total.
  • Indoor religious ceremonies are allowed with up to 10 people plus a faith leader.
  • While attending a religious gathering or ceremony there are steps you need to take to keep yourself and others safe including not sharing food, drink or items. These steps are referred to as a “Covid-safe plan” and ours is already prepared and applied.
  • Mask wearing is compulsory with all ceremonies.
  • Contact tracking is compulsory, so all gatherings onsite will have a registration process that will include people’s first names and their preferred contact number.
  • Random access to the church facilities without ceremonial activity is not permissible.
  • Staff may visit the church office premises for work-related functions that cannot be done from home. Our offices are open as normal.
Life Group guidance

We still advise that all Life Groups gather online until the visit of each other’s homes are allowed to include more than two families. Life Group gatherings are perceived as Religious Gatherings (which are only permitted on or close to Religious Premises). Life Groups are seen as religious ceremonies and can therefore only be conducted on the church premises. Any gatherings at homes fall under normal “social gatherings”:

  • Each day, a household can receive up to two different adult visitors per day, either together or separately.
  • Dependents of the visitors are excluded from visitor caps if they cannot be left unattended or cared for in another setting.
  • Any intimate partners of those who ordinarily reside at the household being visited are excluded from daily visitor caps.

As from 23 November up to 10 visitors at a time can visit a household.

Life Groups can catch up in the park!

As Covid restrictions ease, some of our Life Groups have celebrated coming together at local parks. Send us a photo of your Life Group catching up by emailing Michelle, [email protected].

5-week Mental Health series

Do you know someone who would greatly benefit from professional counsellors helping them finally know how to lift the trauma and blame over their own life, and identify key steps to finding forgiveness?

This fantastic series is now available in one single, easy to follow format. Which includes full messages, pursue your purpose short messages by Graeme Cann and individual testimonies.

Equip your family and friends with key steps to finding hope and purpose.

Share from our websiteYouTube playlist or Facebook playlist.


Our City-wide prayer event!

“Casey Church Unite” was a day of fasting and prayer, that church leaders in the City of Casey called as a response to the various outcomes brought about by the current pandemic.  We felt a directive from the Lord based on Joel 1 and 2 to call for a “sacred assembly” and for His Church to come together in unity.

“Consecrate a fast, call a sacred assembly;
Gather the elders and all the inhabitants of the land
Into the house of the Lord your God,
And cry out to the Lord.” (Joel 1:14 NKJV)

This was a great event from which we will harvest much in the seasons to come. Thank you for your involvement and support. We sense more of these city-wide events will become the norm.


Our playgroups offer an awesome environment for kids to learn social skills and get ready for kinder or school, as well as for adults to connect with other adults, reminding them that they are not alone in their parenting or grandparenting.
But not only that – they offer a brilliant opportunity for parents, grandparents and child-free adults of any age to be part of a ministry on a weekday morning.  You don’t have to do much more than turn up and be willing to be His presence!
When we re-launch in 2021 we would love to have lots more people from the church involved in our playgroups – and in fact, each group needs a Christian presence in order to run.

To express your interest in joining a group or helping as a child-free adult, please contact me (Sue) on 0403 822 324 or [email protected] or visit our website.
Looking forward to reaching more families for the kingdom through playgroup.

Sue Nicholls
Playgroup Ministry Director

We love you and pray for you!


Senior Pastor

Being His Presence In Every Place