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Supporting Individuals Since 1998

Living Springs assists individuals, couples, children and adolescents who are dealing with issues in their lives, through professionally trained counsellors, therapists and mentors. Help is available in self development, grief, trauma and emotional stress. Relationship difficulties, separation, marriage problems, divorce, parenting problems are also counselled, as well as those dealing with suicide, depression and addiction issues. We also provide Spiritual Mentoring for those who want more out of their spiritual life.

What is the difference between Counselling and Therapy?
Counselling often refers to dealing with current issues in a person's life but therapy is working through issues from the past affecting the present life of a person. All of us are able to do both counselling and therapy as needed. Contact form below.  Photography by Givenworks


  • Individuals $95 per session (50-60 minutes)
  • Couples $110 per session (50-60 minutes)
  • Families $130 per session (50-60 minutes)

Address: 432-446 Centre Road, Berwick, Vic, 3806

Depression & Anxiety
Relationship Difficulties

Meet our professional team ready to support you

Christine Buckingham
Counsellor | Psychotherapist
Christine is a registered psychotherapist & counsellor with over 20 years experience working with anxiety/depression, relationship issues, personal growth, trauma, NDIS clients and mentoring. She cares deeply about people and desires to restore the balance and build a better tomorrow.
🟢 Specialising in depression, trauma, NDIS, relationships, mentoring.
❎ Medicare rebate not accepted
✅ Couples ✅ Adults ✅ Teenagers ✅ Children
Jason Crestani
Jason is a registered Psychologist since 1995 with a focus on child and adolescent psychology. He worked for the Department of Education and Training for 15 years as a Guidance Officer. He is also a qualified Teacher. He conducts educational assessments, dyslexia, autism, IQ, ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder and other assessments for children and adults. He has over 20 years experience working with people with Autism and sees clients under NDIS and Medicare. He also sees Victims of Crime and Work Cover clients.
🟢 Extensive experience in IQ, autism and educational assessments, NDIS.
✅ Eligible Medicare, NDIS, Workcover.
✅ Adults ✅ Teenagers ✅ Children
Melody Durand
Melody is a registered counsellor who works effectively with adults, couples and young people to achieve solution focused outcomes. Melody provides a compassionate, positive, safe space which will enable clients to explore their concerns and distress at their own pace.
🟢 Specialising in depression/anxiety, grief/loss & relationships.
❎ Medicare rebate not accepted
✅ Couples ✅ Adults ✅ Teenagers ✅ Children
Isabella, a registered counsellor, is deeply devoted to walking alongside people on their distinctive life paths. With a holistic approach and empathetic style, she guides and supports them in navigating concerns and challenges, fostering not only resilience but also facilitating profound personal growth.
🟢 Specialising in transformative life journeys towards positive change.
❎ Medicare rebate not accepted
✅ Couples ✅ Adults ✅ Teenagers ✅ Children
Emily Werry
Social Worker
Emily is a registered Social Worker with an additional degree in psychology and psychophysiology. With 5 years’ experience in the mental health industry she is passionate about supporting clients to find their voice and regain their self-confidence. Emily has an extensive knowledge of the NDIS and the surrounding service sector.
🟢 Specialising in psychosocial disability, trauma, anxiety & depression.
❎ Medicare rebate not accepted
✅ Couples ✅ Adults ✅ Teenagers ✅ Children
Georgi Watts
Georgi is a registered counsellor offering hope and personal growth using counselling and psychotherapy methods tailored for individuals. Offering a safe, respectful and compassionate healing space for children, teens and adults on issues ranging from the past and present.
🟢 Specialising in helping individuals find authentic self
❎ Medicare rebate not accepted
✅ Couples ✅ Adults ✅ Teenagers ✅ Children
Martin Gillespie
Martin has been a Pastoral Counsellor since 1987 and works with couples in pre-marital, marriage and relationship counselling. As well as areas of personal growth, grief and loss, sexual abuse and teenagers. Martin is also a family violence specialist.
🟢 Specialising in family violence
❎ Medicare rebate not accepted
✅ Couples ✅ Adults ✅ Teenagers ✅ Children
Benita Daniel
Benita is a registered counsellor, who is compassionate, empathetic and understanding. She is passionate about helping people who are experiencing depression, anxiety, grief and loss. She works alongside individuals, couples and families to strengthen their relationships.
🟢 Specialising in anxiety/depression
❎ Medicare rebate not accepted
✅ Couples ✅ Adults ✅ Teenagers ✅ Children
Michael Barry
Michael is a registered counsellor with an innate passion to assist clients through their healing journey, and connecting/reconnecting them with their authentic selves. Open to modifying his approach for specific needs, and working with males and females.
🟢 Specialising in anxiety, depression, grief and loss, palliative care, self-esteem, addictions, life coaching
❎ Medicare rebate not accepted
✅ Adults ✅ Teenagers

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I have been attending regular counselling sessions at the Living Springs for the past year, this has also been the time during which life has significantly transformative and it is not coincidental. I was drawn to the Living Springs amidst a difficult time in 2020. It was a dark period of life, I was struggling with depression, anxiety, the end of a long term relationship and poly-substance addiction.
My counsellor has been an amazing source of hope and support throughout some of the toughest times of my life. Her devotion, commitment and faith in me as a person has helped me build up my self esteem. I arrived to therapy pretty shattered, I felt worthless, incompetent, questioning my self worth. I was experiencing a lot of pain and confusion, using drugs multiple times a day, just to distract myself away from the distress and awful feelings.
When I look back to the person I was a year ago, the transformation has been amazing. I attribute this change to the support, devotion and care that my counsellor offered. I don't know where I would be today if I hadn't met her - and I am very thankful for her help. I have been able to return to work after 3.5 years of resistance, dread and fear. The compulsion to use drugs has eased and I am filling my life with things that sustain it, and therefore I feel healthier in all aspects of life. I am no longer as weighed down by darkness, chronic fear and doubt - there are many more moments of joy, contentment and love.
My counsellor belief in me as a worthy person has been something that really helped me through the path. Therapy gave me the space to be more of who I am, and to feel a sense of confidence in myself. I enjoyed her sense of humour, wisdom, generosity and kindness. Thank you very much for helping me through the darkness - you have been an amazing source of strength and support during this time. I highly recommend you as a counsellor and always will remember how much support you have provided during this time.
Rebecca | I was drawn to the Living Springs
During my first visit to Living Springs I was greeted by kind and friendly staff. My counsellor was incredibly patient, and genuinely wanted to help my situation. The atmosphere was calm and non-judgemental. I have recommended this centre to my friends and family, and will definitely recommend it to anyone who is need of someone down to earth to confide in.
Boe | Incredibly patient
My husband and I were really grateful for the counsellor we met at the Living Springs Counselling Centre. He listened carefully to both of us and he really wanted to help. My husband said he appreciated that the counsellor wasn't biased and that the counsellor didn't take sides. We really didn't know what to do next in our situation, but talking to someone made it so much clearer.
Saxme | My husband and I are grateful