Prayer Ministry

How will Prayer Ministry help me?

Do you need freedom and healing? Prayer Ministry uncovers ways in which the enemy wants to keep us ‘captive’ in our pain and disappointments and prays for healing and freedom.

When Jesus ministered to people, He dealt with the root cause of their symptoms, and they were healed. The Holy Spirit is the One who uncovers the root system of our lives. When He does, and the roots are healed, the damaging symptoms we have been displaying will disappear.

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God revealed areas in my life that needed healing and healed me completely. This course has empowered me to step out in faith and to exercise my gifts of the Spirit for His glory - L.C.
Healing restored!
I can't believe the spiritual and emotional 'baggage' I was carrying around and am so grateful to God and this ministry for the healing and freedom I have experienced - M.G.
Healed from baggage!
God has talked to me, healed me, disclosed the wounds and emotional struggles I've had. I have experienced the great power of the Holy Spirit - He is so real - J.W.
Holy Spirit is powerful

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