Why families exist…

Why families exist…

Friday 17th February 2023

I was about 10 years old when a specific kitchen appliance infatuated me for the first time: the toaster! It worked well for many years, just to suddenly and without any warning stopped working.

I have seen my dad fix appliances a few times and knew part of the solution was to identify the problem first. This could be done by troubleshooting all its functional parts individually. It therefor had to be dismantled. In my haste to solve the problem I had to find a screwdriver which was out in the shed. The intelligence bestowed on me drew a correlation between the tip of a screwdriver and the point of one of my mom’s “Villeroy & Bosch” cutlery set’s knives. Considering the distance between me and the two options for tools and my desire not to waste unnecessary time, my choice landed on the “Villeroy & Bosch” utensil.

My failure of judgement became apparent for me soon after and was followed by 48-hour period of great discomfort in terms of sitting…on anything (please do not feel sorry for me as this was par for the course being raised in Africa!).

Abuse is inevitable where purpose is disregarded

I am referring to the abuse suffered by the knife… The same principle is true of family! This coming Sunday we will address one of the purposes of family – the raising of children. I will have with me two experienced psychologists who will give their view on this matter. We will get scriptural guidance for this very important topic as foundation for this discussion. Just to whet your appetite, read this scripture that states the purpose of family:

'Has not the one God made you? You belong to him in body and spirit. And what does the one God seek? Godly offspring. So be on your guard, and do not be unfaithful to the wife of your youth. '

Malachi 2:15 NIV

What a challenge! Do not miss this Sunday as we dive into this topic…

Playgroup 2023 | We are back

Playgroup has been back for two weeks, and we have loved welcoming families back and meeting lots of new families.

Please support us in prayer as we minister to almost 100 families each week – and if you'd like to be involved in a playgroup session (as a mum, grandma or helper) please let me know.  Having Christ's presence in our groups is what sets us apart from other playgroups – there's nothing fancy about our program but we continue to be well known in the community for our great playgroups.  Praise God!!  Sue Nicholls 0403 822 324 or email   [email protected]


Fuse Youth | Friday 17th February

This Friday is MOVIE NIGHT! We will be going full cinema style with ice cream and popcorn as we hang out and enjoy a movie together! 7-9.30pm, $5


Sunday Service  | Healthy Hearts. Healthy Humans.

This Sunday our worship team will take us all to heavenly places. We will bring you a fantastic message which you can implement into your own life. Why not come early and enjoy a coffee at our cafe. We look forward to seeing you! If you can't make it, you can catch up on our YouTube channel.


Kids Church  | Sunday 19th February

This week at Kids Church…
2 to 4-year-olds | The Centurion | Matthew 8: 5-13
5 to 12-year-olds | Mary and Martha | Luke 10:38-42

Register your child/ren below before attending if you are new


Boys Brigade | Monday 20th February

Be part of the action Monday night. For over 20 years the Boys Brigade has advanced Christ’s Kingdom among boys.

ANCHORS | Grades 1 & 2: 6pm – 7.15pm
JUNIORS | Grades 3 – 6: 7pm – 8.30pm
SENIORS | Grades 7 to 18 years old: 7pm – 9.30pm


Mental Health Support Gathering | Tuesday 21st February

These Gatherings are facilitated by Christians who wish to walk alongside people in their journey, loving and caring for them by providing a safe place to be heard and share life’s challenges together, offering friendship and hope. In addition, the Gatherings will provide tools to assist people in dealing with life, with specialist speakers addressing relevant topics.

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Seniors Ministry | Wednesday 22nd February

Be enthralled by the history and beauty of this amazing country! As Larry & Sharon ministered there for 4 years, they will share intimate memories. If possible, wear something sky blue and white! We meet in the Connect Lounge at 1.30pm to 4.00pm Please bring a plate for everyone to share.


Baptisms | Sunday 26th February

Baptism is the complete immersion into water of those who have confessed their faith in Jesus Christ as God’s Son and their Saviour.  Complete the expression of interest form if you would like to be contacted about being Baptised.

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Forge Young Adults Social | Sunday 26th February

Welcome to our second Y&Y Social for 2023!! We are going to be having a movie night with an outdoor cinema!!! This is a great opportunity to meet new young adults and also watch a classic movie as well! Make sure you bring your own snacks/drinks. Popcorn will be provided. Bring all your friends and we can’t wait to see you there : )


Young Families Camping | Friday 3rd March – Sunday 5th March

Time is ticking if you would like to camp with other young families at Warburton Holiday Park on March 3-5!  Sites are filling up and are not being held for us, and we would hate anyone to miss out!  Fabulous opportunity to camp with other families in a beautiful area near a river and fantastic water park.

If camping isn't possible for you this time, why not plan to bring a picnic lunch and enjoy some time with us during the day on Saturday 4 (no need to book but we'd love it if you tell us you are coming!)


Youth Camp 2023 | Friday 17th March

We are going to The Summit on Friday 17th March 2023  – Sunday 19th March 2023. Don't miss out!

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Men's Event | Sunday 2nd April

Christopher was having the time of his life, enjoying every moment of the tandem skydive. Suddenly noticing he passed his daughter at high speed and realised it was because her parachute opened and his didn't! Christopher and his instructor Arron came crashing to the ground, spiralling in an anti-clockwise direction and landing feet first. You are invited to hear Christopher talk about his miraculous survival, paying tribute to Arron who in the final seconds before hitting the ground, cradled a total stranger to protect his passenger.

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Thank you for being His Presence in Every Place! 


Senior Pastor